10 Of The Most Insane Sneaker Collections

10 Of The Most Insane Sneaker Collections

Sneakers have become huge collectors items. Whether they are sitting on a shelf as a piece of art, or being worn completely to the ground, there’s a huge sneaker culture that loves to develop a collection they can show off and be proud of. There are all different kinds of iconic sneaker collections out there, and in all different genres – who knew the world of sneakers could be so large and diverse? There are designer sneakers, hype sneakers, iconic collaborations, and of course the coveted classics. Whatever your sneaker style is, you can’t deny that all of these sneaker collections are insane for one reason or another. 

Here are 10 of the most insane sneaker collection videos to watch!

Sherlina Nym

This sneaker collection by Sherlina Nym showcases her top “must have” sneakers within her collection (which we get a sneak peak of in the background of her video, and it’s huge). She lists 10 of her favourite shoe collections, and then goes into detail about her favourite shoes within the collections. She gives valuable information about each pair and why she loves them. She also made the statement that the ‘Air Force Shadow’ is “the shoe at the moment” although the ‘Air Force Type’ is her favourite. 

Blake Linder

Blake Linder‘s sneaker collection is truly insane. In this video, he goes through his $100,000 sneaker collection that really shows that they can be art as well as an investment. A lot of shoes in his collection he either doesn’t wear or will only wear for special occasions, and we don’t blame him with the price and scarcity of some of these kicks. This collection is massive, and has some super interesting and unique finds, so this vid is definitely worth watching! 

Kenzie Meads

In this sneaker collection video by Kenzie Meads, she showcases her top 5 designer sneakers! All of the sneakers showcased in this video are well-known coveted shoes that are commonly spotted on Instagram. We love that her sneakers are mostly neutral and wearable with a fun pop of colour. She also gives advice about the wearability of the sneakers, how she likes to style them, as well as how she cleans them.


In this video, YouTuber MissAlex not only shares her must have sneakers of 2020, but she tries on all her favourite sneakers, and shows us how they look on. Her collection features hype and designer sneakers, as well as some more affordable, yet still iconic sneakers. All of the sneakers in this video are extremely wearable, so if you’re into wearable and classic sneakers, you’ll want to check out this collection! 

Sayeh Sharelo

This huge sneaker collection by Sayeh Sharelo is all the sneaker goals! Her collection features an assortment of Jordans, Nikes, Adidas, and more. The video starts out with her speaking about her sneaker story and a little bit about her collection, then it goes into clips of her wearing the sneakers which showcase her entire collection.

Emma MacDonald

In this video Emma MacDonald shows her updated 2020 sneaker collection. She has an assortment of different styles of sneakers and her collection is another one that’s more on the wearable side! She gives information on the shoes and the wearability of the shoes and which ones are her favourites. She also shares with us where she likes to shop for her sneakers!


This sneaker collection is from Giancarlo of the YouTube channel Blazendary, which is a pretty popular sneaker channel. This sneaker collection is worth over $100,000 and features a ton of hype sneakers! The collection is super interesting as there are tons of different unique sneaker finds and collaborations. In this video, viewers are told info about the sneakers, as well as some fun stories, too. He even gives some cleaning and wear tips within the video. It would be hard to top this collection. 


In this video Niya from ItsNiya shows her entire 2020 sneaker collection. She goes through each pair of sneakers, sharing the official names of them, and a little bit of information about each pair. This sneaker collection is iconic and any hype lover’s dream, as she has tons of popular sneakers in a lot of fun colours and silhouettes! If you’re a true sneakerhead, then you’ll love the assortment of classics and coveted within her collection.


This video features the collection of Youtuber 360Jeezy and, you guessed it, it’s another massive collection. In this video, he goes through every shoe and gives a little information about each one, including his likes and dislikes. This collection doesn’t stray away from any particular style, making it a really interesting collection to watch!

Mina Omar

This video by QrewTv showcases Mina’s insane shoe collection titled “biggest female sneaker collection”, and it features sneakers of all different types, styles, and brands. Mina stores her sneakers in their boxes, which is a great tip to keep your sneakers crisp and clean. Throughout the video Mina gives a little bit of information about her favourite ones and some fun buying stories, as well as her newest sneaker purchase reveal!

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