Nobis Is Donating 100% Of Its Online Sales To COVID-19 Response

Nobis Is Donating 100% Of Its Online Sales To COVID-19 Response

Even though it feels like we’re going through the worst of times, it’s important to try our freaking hardest to stay as positive as possible. Even when it feels impossible, think back to Mr. Rogers and do as he says: look for the helpers. During any crisis, whether it’s a natural disaster or global pandemic, there will always be those doing what they can to help and in such times of uncertainty, it’s the helpers who give us hope. That includes all of the brands and companies, like Nobis, Knix, Endy, and more who are either donating to organizations, supplying healthcare & frontline workers with product, and those donating proceeds to help manufacture personal protective equipment like gloves, gowns, and masks.

It’s just been announced that as of April 10, outerwear brand Nobis will be donating 100% of its online sales to COVID-19 response.

“Nobis, Latin for “us,” has always understood the importance of community, and we are incredibly proud of and indebted to our frontline healthcare providers whose bravery and selflessness are a beacon of hope in uncertain times,” said Nobis Co-Founder and Vice President Robin Yates in a release.

“There has never been a more crucial time for us to further our community support. This is why Nobis is doing everything within our means to recognize and support the incredible sacrifice being made by these outstanding individuals in the ongoing battle against COVID-19.”


This announcement is in addition to the brand donating $100,000 to local hospitals in Ontario. 

Customers making purchases on between April 10-30 will be able to direct the donation funds to the organization of their choice by selecting the hospital or organization name at the time of check out. 

Due to all the proceeds going to good causes, purchases made during this time are eligible for exchange only, no refunds.

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