Peaceful Outdoor Places To Meditate Outside In Toronto

Peaceful Outdoor Places To Meditate Outside In Toronto

Meditation is one of the best ways to improve our overall health. Even just a few minutes a day can help us reclaim our thoughts, which, over time, can lead to less stress and more focus. Combine fresh air and outdoor time on top of that and you have a practice that’s beneficial for the mind and spirit. Toronto’s handful of public parks, gardens, and trails may be few, but what the city lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Get in a mindful moment at one of these picturesque green spaces in the city and reset your whole outlook.

Here are our peaceful outdoor places to meditate in Toronto.

Edwards Gardens 

This former estate garden right next to the Toronto Botanical Garden offers a vast expanse of manicured gardens and lawns and so much beauty. Come for a mindful walk on one of the walking trails or perch on the banks of Wilket Creek and let the sights and sounds of nature restore your calm. The gardens are free, and open year-round, from dawn until dusk, making it a perfect outdoor spot to meditate at. 

Location: 755 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto
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Tommy Thompson Park 

If you’re looking to feel one with nature, Tommy Thompson Park is where to come. Located on a peninsula that extends 5 km into Lake Ontario, the park is one of the top destinations in the city for wildlife watching. Here you’ll get picturesque views of the Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario that you won’t get anywhere else. 

Location: 1 Leslie St, Toronto
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Grange Park 

You can feel tapped into a sense of history at Grange Park. The 1.8-hectare space in the centre of the OCADU campus is home to the Grange historic house (the first home of the Art Museum of Toronto, today, part of the AGO), a large Henry Moore sculpture, and the Weston family fountain. While a splash pad and a dog’s off-leash area mean this park is not exactly sequestered, it’s an inspiring outdoor place to meditate to unwind and take in the sights and sounds.

Location: Beverly St and McCaul St, Toronto
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Allan Gardens 

This park and botanical garden in the heart of downtown is home to six greenhouses filled with international flower and plant species. Take a mindful walk around and be surrounded by plant life ranging from cacti to jasmine to hibiscus and tap into some pure life force.

Location: 160 Gerrard St E, Toronto
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Corktown Common

Corktown Common was originally built as an athletes’ village for the Pan Am games back in 2015. Now, the 18-acre park at the foot of lower River Street and Bayview Ave is a unique and well-loved respite from the downtown core. Come for the stunning views of the city skyline, athletic field, bike paths, and boardwalk, and stay for the absolute tranquillity in this waterfront oasis. 

Location: 155 Bayview Ave, Toronto 
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High Park

There’s a reason High Park is one of the city’s favourite parks. You truly can get a sense of being out of the city, right in the heart of the west end. The city’s largest public park boasts 400 acres of forest, gardens and trails, and also the largest pond in Toronto, Grenadier Pond. In any season, this park will make you feel right at home. If you’re wanting some peace and quiet, however, avoid the crowds that come with cherry blossom season! 

Location: 1873 Bloor St W, Toronto
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