Peloton Is Getting Sued By A Major Canadian Athleticwear Brand

Peloton Is Getting Sued By A Major Canadian Athleticwear Brand

Peloton is in some hot waters as of this Monday. Beloved activewear brand, Lululemon, has filed a lawsuit against the exercise brand over patent infringement of Peloton’s new apparel collection. 

It’s claimed by Lululemon in court documents that Peloton is “infringing on multiple design patents” and selling knock-offs of its bras and leggings. 

The famous Lululemon Align Pant is one of the products in question. The brand alleges that one of the Peloton styles is an “imitation of the Align pant, with a similar waistband and stitching.”

All of these events took place after Peloton decided to end its co-branding agreement with Lululemon, to create its own apparel label, Peloton Apparel. 

Lululemon first sent Peloton a cease-and-desist letter on November 11, and asked that “Peloton immediately stop selling its copy-cat products, which infringe Lululemon’s design patent and trade dress rights.”

Since this wasn’t resolved, Lululemon then filed a lawsuit. 

The Vancouver founded brand states in court documents, “Unlike innovators such as Lululemon, Peloton did not spend the time, effort and expense to create an original product line. Instead, Peloton imitated several of Lululemon’s innovative designs and sold knock-offs of Lululemon’s products, claiming them as its own.” 

Lululemon claims that the Peloton designs will confuse customers as they believe the items are so similar. On the other hand, Peloton contends that both companies are so prominent and well-known in the market that it would take away any kind of confusion.

We don’t have word on a resolution just yet, but be on the lookout for any updates!

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