3 Of Toronto’s Top Luxury Consignment Stores

3 Of Toronto's Top Luxury Consignment Stores

As a recent post-secondary graduate (read: student loans) who is always down to shop beautifully made designer pieces. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget to match so I can’t afford to buy brand new luxury items every month or every year for the foreseeable future. Bummer, am I right? So what do I do when it’s time to refresh my closet with elevated pieces and still want to feel like a responsible shopper? I shop for luxury consignment.

If you’ve been around for the last little bit, you may know that I love buying secondhand — it’s my favourite thing to do because it’s the best way to get my money’s worth and every time I buy something preloved, it’s a little win for the planet. Not to mention, there’s also the thrill of the hunt and there’s the possibility of finding a limited edition, sold out, or discontinued piece. Have I convinced you yet?

Before we dive into some of my favourite places to shop luxury consignment in Toronto, I want to remind you to practice safe secondhand luxury buying. Make sure that you do your research and purchase from reputable retailers who authenticate and guarantee their pieces. You don’t want to be out hundreds or thousands of dollars because you were unknowingly sold a fake item.

Here are a few of my favourite places to shop luxury consignment in Toronto and save a few bucks.

Fashionably Yours 

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Located in Toronto’s Queen Street West shopping district, Fashionably Yours specializes in contemporary and vintage secondhand luxury clothing, bags, and accessories. If you’re looking for coveted brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Gucci, and Tiffany, Fashionably Yours has a large selection of pieces for every budget and every style.

Bonus: While the store does authenticate their items, Fashionably Yours also offer a lifetime 100% authenticity money back guarantee if a mistake was made while authenticating your piece. Double bonus: shop online from the comfort of your home with no additional shipping charges on orders of $200 or more in North America.

VSP Consignment

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Sometimes I want to shop luxury consignment somewhere that doesn’t necessarily make me feel like I’m shopping luxury consignment — and instead like I’m shopping at a trendy boutique. Am I making sense? Located in Toronto’s hip Dundas West neighbourhood, VSP Consignment specializes in hand-selected and beautifully curated collections of designer pieces and definitely exudes that super fancy, cool girl Toronto boutique vibe. 

At VSP Consignment, the digging, sifting, curating, and authenticating is done for you so that you don’t have to spend hours searching for your perfect preloved gem. I love that.

Common Sort

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I know what you’re thinking — Common Sort (although very cool, trendy, popular, and filled with secondhand showstoppers) is not a luxury consignment shop. But friends, hear me out. Although Common Sort may not specialize in luxury consignment, that doesn’t mean the store doesn’t sell luxury pieces. It does, in fact, sell some luxury clothing, accessories, and bags. For example, just the other day, a crisp white Versace tee selling for $75 was snatched from right under my nose at the Annex location and yes, I’m still mourning the loss of that tee. 

Featured Image: Instagram/@vspconsignment

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