10 Stores To Shop If You’re Absolutely Obsessed With Zara


There’s no doubt that for the quality, style, and price, Zara is a goldmine for fashionistas who want to shop basics, trendy items, and runway ready designer dupes at low prices. As one of the worlds largest fashion companies owned by Inditex, one of the world’s biggest distribution groups, Zara operates on the cutting edge of the fast fashion world, always coming out with something new. With that being said, all the conveniences that come with buying the brand make it really easy to fill your closet with Zara, Zara, and oh, more Zara. But, if you’re looking to switch it up or support a different or smaller businesses, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 Stores for you to shop if you love Zara!

The Dot

stores to shop zara

With two locations in downtown Toronto on Queen and on Bloor Street West, The Dot is the perfect store for the ultra-feminine minimalist. Many of the clothing items and accessories available at this stunning boutique are reminiscent of Zara’s Trafaluc collection – casual and elegant with a bit of a girly twist.


stores to shop zara

For even more affordable prices and styles that are similar to Zara, H&M is the place to go. While the brand is a bit more understated than Zara which is more trend forward, you can still find some fabulous pieces. H&M’s Modern Classic and Premium Quality collections in particular are the ones you’ll want to browse for especially Zara-like pieces. 


stores to shop zara

Older sister to Garage, mall staple Dynamite offers a chic and more sophisticated collection of ladies casual wear still at a very fair price. Be sure to check out this retailer for extremely versatile workwear that can easily blend into your everyday wardrobe. 


stores to shop zara

Spanish fast fashion house Mango makes ready-to-wear clothing for truly contemporary women in exceptional quality for its price point. Though there aren’t any Mango stores in Ontario anymore, there is still one of the brands outposts in Quebec. However, you can always shop the retailer’s website for stand-out designs.


stores to shop zara

AllSaints is known for its iconic leather jackets, but the brand is also a great shopping alternative to Zara with its higher quality timeless basics like this plain ol’ white tee. Shopping at AllSaints will cost you a bit more, but the brand’s sale section offers amazing deals on pieces you’ll wear everyday and have for a lifetime.    


stores to shop zara

Aritzia is a well known retailer that makes some pretty trendy items with a minimal twist. Think casual wear and dresses blended with a classy millennial vibe that make for the perfect substitute for Zara. We know the price point is a little higher than the fast fashion giant, but you have to admit the selection is pretty cute, right?

M Boutique

stores to shop zara

Canadian-owned and operated M Boutique now has over 20 locations across Toronto and they’re all serving up some of the trendiest clothing items. Shop everyday pieces like chunky winter knits for a steal. This store should be your new go-to for soft sweaters, tops, and party dresses that’ll make you the sparkliest of them all!   

The Latest Scoop

stores to shop zara

Popping up all over Vancouver and Toronto, The Latest Scoop is like a smaller, boutique version of Zara in the sense that every week, the brand is filling up its retail spaces with fresh basics and trendy pieces from Paris, Italy, New York, Bali, Los Angeles, and Spain. Needless to say, you’re able to shop a wide variety of tastes in one place, similar to a shopping experience at, you guess it, Zara. 


stores to shop zara

If you’re looking for streetwear that you can seamlessly tie into the rest of your wardrobe, U.K-based brand Topshop is where you need to be shopping. Living inside department stores like Hudson’s Bay, Topshop always has an expertly curated selection of items like mom jeans, dresses, suits, and more, all readily available at prices that reflect Zara’s. 


stores to shop zara

Tusk is an independent women’s clothing boutique located right near Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park. The store carries a great selection of dainty, Zara-like pieces that champion quality and female-led brands. Premium basics are the store’s speciality, and if you’re looking to support a number of local companies alongside ones you might already recognize, this is the place to spend an afternoon of shopping for cutesy prints and plenty of fun enamel accessories.     

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