The Rewards Program At Starbucks Is About To Change

The Rewards Program At Starbucks Is About To Change

The popular rewards program at Starbucks is about to see some changes and Starbucks lovers don’t seem to be too thrilled about it. 

In case you aren’t familiar with Starbucks Rewards, it’s simply a rewards program in the Starbucks App that awards you Stars as you spend money at Starbucks. You can use these Stars to redeem various menu items like coffee or bakery items, for free!

So what are people so upset about?

Starbucks has updated its rewards program increasing the Number of Stars it will cost to redeem a free item as of February 13, 2023. 

Here’s how many Stars it will cost to redeem various menu items (one item per set of points):

100 Stars: Hot brewed coffee or steeped tea, iced brewed coffee or tea, a bakery item such as a cake pop, a packed snack such as potato chips, Cold Siren Logo Plastic To-Go Cup (24oz), or a Siren Logo Plastic Hot Cup (16oz). 

200 Stars: Any hand-crafted beverage such as a latte, or any hot breakfast item such as a breakfast sandwich. 

300 Stars: Packaged salad, lunch sandwich, protein box, or packaged coffee item such as whole bean coffee.

Until February 13, these items cost 50, 150, and 200 Stars each. 

The silver linings? One is that Starbucks didn’t completely strip us of our occasional free treats by taking away their rewards program all together. The second is that it will cost fewer Stars to redeem a bag of coffee beans once the change is in effect. 

You can read all about how to earn Stars here.

So, If you’ve been saving up your collection of Stars, you may want to redeem them before February 13 to get the most out of them before the change takes place. 

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