Tim Hortons Is Taking Roll Up The Rim To Win Digital This Year

Tim Hortons Is Taking Roll Up The Rim To Win Digital This Year

Earlier this week, Canadians were outraged when news broke that Tim Hortons would be cancelling its beloved Roll Up The Rim To Win cups this year. The move comes from concerns over COVID-19, with the company stating that given the current circumstances “Tim Hortons does not believe it’s the right time for team members in our restaurants to collect rolled up tabs that have been in people’s mouths.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom — this year, Tim Hortons is taking Roll Up The Rim To Win digital.

So while the actual cups are cancelled, the contest is not!

Tim Hortons customers can still participate in the Roll Up The Rim To Win contest, which starts today (March 11). This year, there are $14 million in-restaurant giveaways (including Dream Donuts) and $16 million larger prizes, with things like cars, TVs, AIR MILES Reward Miles, pre-paid gift cards, and Tims gift cards up for grabs.

To participate, you’ll need to sign up for Tims Rewards and download the Tim Hortons app.

The new format of the contest actually makes things a lot easier — participants don’t need to worry about losing their little proof of win anymore! As soon as you make a hot beverage purchase, your “rolls” will be added to your Tim Hortons app or online account at rolluptherimtowin.ca. You can also share your winning rolls with friends through the app or online account.

roll up the rim to win

Prizes are randomized, just like the Roll Up The Rim To Win cups, and there’s a 1 in 9 chance of winning.

And this year for Roll Up The Rim To Win, there’s extra incentive to participate. For the first two weeks when you make your hot beverage order through the app, you’ll receive two rolls. When you make your purchase at the restaurant, you’ll get a hot beverage giveaway.

There’s also an incentive for creating less waste this year. When you purchase at cash with a reusable cup at the cash register or mobile app, you’ll get 3 rolls on the app.

tim hortons dream donuts

So what are you waiting for? Run to your nearest Tim Hortons and start playing!

The giveaways end on April 7. Get full contest details on rolluptherimtowin.ca.

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