8 Tips To Look Expensive On A Budget

8 Tips To Look Expensive On A Budget

If you want to look high-end and expensive, the good news is you don’t actually have to spend a fortune to do so! It’s mostly a matter of styling and being strategic about the pieces of clothing you are spending money on. If you want to look expensive but don’t have a huge budget to work with, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are some tips and tricks to always look expensive, even on a budget!

The Fit

Wearing clothes that don’t quite fit right is a quick way to look cheap. Even if the clothes are actually expensive – if they’re ill-fitting, it just doesn’t look good, resulting in an overall cheap look. Figure out your proper size, and what silhouettes you feel your best in and your look will be instantly elevated! 

Shop Basics

One of the best ways to look expensive with little to no effort is by styling staple basics! For example, no one can tell the difference between a $5 t-shirt versus a $90 one. Wearing basics also helps achieve a streamlined look and professional look, which inherently gives off an expensive vibe. 


Steaming, ironing, and lint-rolling are all free steps to take to ensure you always look put-together! There’s nothing worse than leaving the house with wrinkly and/or lint-filled clothes. It can make even the most expensive of garments look cheap. 

Take Care Of Your Clothes

The best way to save money on fashion is by taking care and utilizing what you already own, therefore not having to spend money on replacing ruined pieces. Follow washing instructions, wash less (it sounds weird, but the more you wash your clothes the faster they deteriorate, so try not to over-wash if possible), get a fabric shaver to bring new life into worn-out pieces, etc. 

Avoid Logos 

Avoiding logos and brand names is an easy way to save money while shopping. Plus, more often than not, even the most prestigious logos can end up looking tacky and cheap when overdone. 

Know What To Invest In

There are some pieces in your wardrobe that you’re better off investing in to save money in the long run – and to give you that expensive look. Shoes and bags for instance are always great pieces to invest in because they get a lot of wear and you can pair them with any outfit to help elevate it. 

Opt for Neutral Colours

This tip is more subject to personal style. But generally, neutrals tend to look a lot more expensive than bright colours as they’re more understated and streamlined. 

Wear Minimal Jewellery 

Dainty jewellery always tends to make an outfit look more put-together and expensive, even if the pieces themselves aren’t actually super pricey. Shop for some go-to minimalist jewellery like a dainty necklace and maybe a couple of rings and that’s really all you need!

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