You can Now Get Almond Milk At Tim Hortons Locations

You can Now Get Almond Milk At Tim Hortons Locations

If you’re lactose intolerant or are living a dairy-free life, then this news will be music to your ears. Beloved coffee and donut chain Tim Hortons has finally launched a dairy-free milk alternative.

Tim’s is now offering silk almond milk to customers and if it’s not available at a location near you, it will be soon.

The chain announced back in February that dairy-free milk would be coming and it’s not the only time Tim’s has ventured into the plant-based world for its menu. A while back it launched (and later removed) Beyond Meat, and it even tested plant-based eggs as well.

While the news of almond milk being an option at Tim Hortons is a step in the right direction, some aren’t thrilled because there are concerns over nut allergies.

In addition to introducing and testing new menu items and dairy-free milks, the chain has also launched a variety of products.

Tim Horton’s recently launched Timbits cereal at the beginning of 2020 and last month it even had limited-edition donut decorating kits available to purchase in honour of Mother’s Day.

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