Aritzia Yorkdale Is Getting An Expansion & An A-OK Cafe

Another Aritzia location is amping up its space! The already stunning Aritzia Yorkdale flagship is getting a massive expansion and adding an A-OK Cafe. 

That’s right, you’ll have even more space to shop around! 

If you’ve browsed around the area, you would’ve noticed that the makeover is already underway. Apparently, it will be double the size of the current store. 

This news comes just after the CF Markville location opening, in which we saw beautiful interior decor. That new store is basically an art piece—so, we have high hopes for the Yorkdale spot. We can’t wait to see the final creation. 

Plus, we love hearing the news of another A-OK Cafe. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and browse through some clothes? 

Of course, not only do they sell coffee, but you’ll also find teas, cold drinks, an array of hot drinks, cocktails, plus treats to snack on.

Keep an eye out for the Aritzia Yorkdale grand re-opening details!

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