8 Major Fashion Brands Making A Comeback

Thanks to Logomania and Instagram’s “IT” girls, labels like Fendi, Champion, and even Crocs are wooing us into loving them again.
8 Major Fashion Brands Making A Comeback

If you’ve noticed several high-profile and ’90s brands making a comeback, you’re not wrong! Thanks to Logomania and Instagram’s “IT” girls, labels like Fendi, Champion, and even Crocs are wooing us into loving them again. For anyone with doubt, just look how well it worked out for Calvin Klein, Puma, and Adidas. Maybe it’s our image-driven society, but nowadays if you have designer “something”, you’re going to want to flaunt it (most likely in a snap).

Take a look at 8 brands making a comeback to the limelight below.

Tommy Hilfiger

Instagram/ @tommyhilfiger

Thanks to huge stars like Gigi Hadid wearing Tommy Hilfiger, and other influencers starring in campaigns, the brand is back, and with a fresh look. While it’s not the Tommy we once knew and wore in grade school, the new aesthetic is an elevated take on logomania – gotta love that red, blue, and white. Not to mention their leap into logo-hewn intimates, fueling the same fire as Calvin Klein.


Instagram/ @filausa

Fila hasn’t missed the rise of the chunky sneaker or branded hoodie, making sure to appease to the masses with their own version of the trend. After popular streetwear brand Supreme started partnering with high-fashion designers like Louis Vuitton, we saw a whole new demand for more affordable streetwear options. Fila definitely falls within that category and is well on its way to being up there in popularity with Adidas.


Instagram/ @fendi

After Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner give you their blessings, there’s only one way to go, and it’s up. The Fendi logo was basically seen everywhere after some of the Kardashian-Jenner clan (including Stormi) sported it in multiple photos on their Instagrams. Since then, creative director of Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, has made sure that the brown logo is just about the only thing we see on Instagram and street style pics.


Instagram/ @coach

If you didn’t have a Coach wristlet in the ’00s then you weren’t living. While the brand was crazy popular back in the day, they faded into the shadows up until recently. The label totally rebranded: less focus on wristlets, and more focus on a new look that included Selena Gomez. This perhaps has been one of the biggest comebacks to watch, as Coach seemingly reasserted itself as more high-end than it was before.


Instagram/ @kappa_official

Kappa is another ’90s streetwear brand that is trying to make a come back; emphasis on track suits! Sometimes it’s better to stick to your guns and do what you know, like in the case of Kappa and their now modernized matching track tops and bottoms. It will be interesting to see if they can differentiate enough from other brands like Adidas and Champion, who have already made a very strong presence amongst celebrities and influencers.


Instagram/ @champion

Similar to Supreme and Louis Vuitton, Champion is another brand who partnered with a high-profile designer label – this time Vetement. The exclusive collection definitely caused a stir with celebs like Cardi B who was photographed wearing it. No doubt faithful streetwear followers scrambled to get their hands on the collab, also doing good things for the brand’s regular duds and status.


Instagram/ @guess

Celebrities like JLo and ASAP Rocky came to the rescue of Guess, when they starred in the brand’s reboot. This and the increased popularity and sightings of the brand on Instagram slowly reminded us of how much we used to love their jeans (#amiright?). After the much needed update, everyone wants to get their hands on a pair, as well as one of their tees because no one can resist another branded t-shirt.


Instagram/ @mon1ka.brand

No word of a lie, but Crocs are actually making an under the radar comeback. The comfy, but horribly awkward looking slides were super popular when we were younger, but no one could have predicted that they’d be so cool. Case in point: the collaboration Crocs did with runway designer Christopher Kane, and then later Balenciaga. The fugly shoe cost $850 US, however still flew off the shelves, evidently becoming one of the hottest fads of the 2018. I wouldn’t be surprised if Crocs made another headlining appearance in 2019.

Featured image: Instagram/ @filausa

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