I Tried Thrifting For 2020 Fashion Trends – Here’s How It Went

I Tried Thrifting For 2020 Fashion Trends - Here’s How It Went

As much as I enjoy wearing classic styles that I can get away with time and time again, I still like to play around with trendy pieces and incorporate them into my wardrobe. Even though we’re only two months into 2020, there are already so many fun trends that I keep seeing on social media, blogs, the runway, and of course on the street. However, a huge concern that comes with staying up to date with fashion trends is sustainability.

Trends always come and go and it may be easy to grab the latest trends at fast-fashion retailers, but it isn’t necessarily the ethical and sustainable route.

This is especially true if the trend dies out quickly — which happens more often than not. A way to avoid the guilt from shopping more experimental and trendy pieces is to thrift them. By thrifting you’re giving a garment a second chance at life and not contributing to mass production. Plus, by opting to thrift for trendier pieces, you’ll save a ton of money while experimenting with cool styles and trends. 

I went to my local Value Village with a list of 2020 fashion trends that I’ve been eyeing, and while I didn’t come across every trend I had on my list, which is something to always keep in mind while thrifting, I ended up finding some great finds — I admittedly ended up purchasing a good chunk of the goodies I found!

Keep reading to check out some of my favourite 2020 fashion trends that I found at the thrift store!

A Baby Tee:


Baby tees are a huge trend for 2020, especially when spring time rolls around. A baby tee is basically a t-shirt with a smaller fit. I love the baby tee trend because I’m someone who always gravitates to the oversized style, so it’s nice to try something different and is a little more feminine. I found this tee that says “France” on it, and I love that the red that adds an extra pop of colour. I styled it with a pair of jeans (the same jeans styled through-out this thrift trip) that I found at Value Village last time I went thrifting!

Polka Dots:


Again, sticking with the baby tee trend, now incorporating polka dots! Polka dots are currently a huge trend that I’m seeing everywhere I look, so I was definitely on the hunt for some dots. Polka dots are always coming in and out of style, so the chance of finding this trend at the thrift store is pretty high, so keep your eyes peeled. A bonus-trend in this look is this adorable pastel tiny bag! 



Speaking of pastels, they are another big trend for spring 2020, and it’s such a nice way to brighten up your wardrobe post-winter time. I found this pastel blue blazer, which I was super stoked about since, if you ask me, blazers are always in.

The Power Suit:


Power dressing is probably one of my favourite 2020 fashion trends and I seriously can’t get enough of it. I have accumulated a collection of suiting solely from thrifting, and I strongly encourage you to hunt for this trend at the thrift store if you love this trend as much as I do! Most suits I’ve seen at Value Village retail for around $20 and are two-piece sets which make it a huge steal when you think about it! This specific suiting set I found I was especially excited for because it’s double breasted and in a neutral colour making it extra stylish and super up my alley. 

Granny Knits:


Granny knits have been a huge upcoming trend seen on the runways and street styles for 2020, and it’s such an easy thing to find vintage and thrifting! I found this cute button-up cardigan that’s knit and features adorable embroidery. This would be such an easy piece to style either half tucked, unbuttoned, or simply worn loosely buttoned up, and it gives such grandma-chic vibes. 



Leather! Leather is taking over the fashion scene, and even more-so, vintage leather. Designers and brands have been coming out with a lot of vintage-style leathers, so there’s really no point buying them when you can easily find lookalikes at a fraction of the cost at good ol’ Value Village. For me, I personally try and stray away from purchasing leathers and furs new, so I love finding a good find like this one – a leather blazer-style jacket and I actually ended up buying it! I wanted to find a pair of leather pants because head-to-toe leather is such a trendy look right now, but I had no luck. This Danier leather jacket was $29.99, which I originally thought was kind of steep, but when I actually thought about it a jacket like this new would retail for so much more! Pro tip: Value Village stores usually have lots of Danier leather to go around.

Oversized Trench Coat:


Another one of my favourite trends for 2020 is a classic trench. I continue to see trench coats styled time and time again on Instagram and during fashion week. I found this winterized oversized trench, that was such a fashionable and still-relevant silhouette, and it costs only $20, which is extremely fair!

The Disco Collar:

2020 trends

I’m loving the disco collar trend right now! A disco collar is basically a wider, more dramatized collar, typically on a button up. This is another item I actually ended up purchasing because I think it’s such a cool twist to the classic button up, adding an extra element of style, and the sleeves are a nice touch too! 

Overall, I found a lot of great 2020 fashion trends during my trip to Value Village, although I didn’t find everything I had my eye out for, I found a lot of cool pieces! I encourage you to see what trends you can find thrifting, to have some fun experimenting with your wardrobe in a cost effective and ethical way.

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