Tim Hortons Is Launching A Brand New Donut

Tim Hortons Is Launching A Brand New Donut
Tim Hortons

If sugary breakfast cereals were your jam when you were growing up, then this news is bound to perk you up. It’s just been announced that Tim Hortons is launching a new Froot Loops donut.

The Froot Loops donut is a plain donut that’s covered in strawberry fondant and topped with Froot Loops.

tim hortons

According to Narcity, the donut will be available to snack on as of May 6, but if it looks familiar, there’s a reason why. The Froot Loops donut had been seen at the chain’s Innovation Cafe in Toronto in the summer.

This time around, the donut is also going to be a Timbit as well.

The Timbit version will be a citrus-flavoured cake donut that, similar to the full-size donut, is topped with strawberry fondant and crushed Froot Loops.

Tim Hortons

The full-size Froot Loops donut retails for $1.99 while the Timbit costs $0.29 each and can be found at participating Tim Hortons restaurants.

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