What Stores To Shop According To Your Star Sign

What Stores To Shop According To Your Star Sign

What does your star sign have to do with your personal style? Potentially, a lot! According to astrology, your sun sign determines the way you tend to show up in the world – or, your essence. Understanding yourself more deeply on a cosmic level could mean the difference between you continually buying things you end up hating, and things you end uploving. If you identify with your sun sign, consider checking out your most compatible store in Toronto below. 

Keep reading to find out what Toronto stores to shop according to your star sign!

Aries: Titika Active 

stores to shop star sign

Any fearless Aries must be well-suited to blaze the trail of life, and Titika Active is equipped to support that mission. This collection of fashionable and functional athletic wear essentials is beautiful enough to match your confidence, and high-performance enough to keep up with you, Aries. 

Taurus: Kotn

stores to shop star sign

Kotn will indulge sensual Taurus’s appreciation for comfort with it’s line of quality essentials (men and women’s clothing and accessories) ethically made from authentic Egyptian cotton. This material is finer, softer, and stronger than any other cotton. Prepare to get addicted, Taurus. 

Gemini: Pink Canary 

stores to shop star sign

There’s always something new to discover at this fashion-forward boutique in Kensington Market, where stock gets refreshed every week. Expect a mix of NYC street style and L.A. trends, with some Kensington market boho-chic flavour. It’s anything but boring — just like you, Gemini. 

Cancer: Ardith Style

stores to shop star sign

For intuitive Cancer, feeling at home in your space, your clothes, your skin, is a must. Ardith Style specializes in wearable linen, knits, and pre-loved vintage pieces that you can really live in. Everything here is organic, local, and sustainable wherever possible – made with heart. 

Leo: Mejuri 

stores to shop star sign

Regal Leo can naturally light up a room with their magnetic energy, but a little more glitter never hurts. Costume jewellery won’t do for this sign. Mejuri is the fine jewellery brand that strikes the balance between luxury, and accessible with its fine jewellery for everyday, and is definitely iconic enough for statement-making Leo.  

Virgo: Muji

stores to shop star sign

For no-nonsense Virgo, simplicity and efficiency are everything. Muji, which translates as “no-brand quality goods” in Japanese, offers a range of products from household goods and apparel, to apothecary items and stationery that are resource-saving, low-priced, and nature-oriented. Virgo, this store was made for you. 

Libra: The Detox Market 

stores to shop star sign

Beauty and balance are high values for a Libra, the Venusian sign of the scales. The Detox Market offers a curated selection of green beauty and skincare to bring your life back into balance, starting with the outer layer. A sumptuous skincare ritual is heaven for this sign, and The Detox Market is a one-stop shop. 

Scorpio: Muttonhead

stores to shop star sign

A Scorpio never willingly sacrifices quality for quantity in any situation, and apparel is no exception. Muttonhead, the slow design-focused brand is prepared to meet the standards of even the most discerning Scorpio. Expect only high quality, durable apparel, outerwear and home goods built to outlast trends. 

Sagittarius: Kit and Ace

stores to shop star sign

Touted as ‘the Lululemon of streetwear,’ Kit and Ace makes a solid companion for an active Sagittarius. This technical apparel is created for people who run, bike, walk, and trot the globe with a purpose. From the gym to the office to class to wherever the night takes you, this diverse collection can definitely handle your lifestyle, Sagittarius. 

Capricorn: Gravity Pope

stores to shop star sign

Ambitious Capricorn knows the importance of ‘dressing for the career you want,’ and Gravity Pope caters to those style-conscious bosses who want to put their best foot forward. Bringing together a curated selection of handcrafted collections of footwear, clothing, and accessories, this indie boutique will set you up for success. 

Aquarius: VSP Consignment 

stores to shop star sign

Much like forward-thinking, original Aquarius, this consignment store defies expectations.  Unlike your average consignment store, VSP Consignment is curated, boutique-like, but also super diverse in its offerings. You’ll find clothes, jewellery, and bags from designer labels and also lower-end brands. 

Pisces: House of Vintage

stores to shop star sign

Clothes with a little soul will do for a Pisces, who’s said to be the oldest soul of all the star signs. The assortment of unique, collectible clothing and accessories from the 1960s-1990s is known to be some of the city’s best vintage – and you can’t resist the comfort of high-quality but well-worn denim and broken-in boots, right Pisces?  

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