A New Chinese Variety Retailer Will Be Opening In Canada This Spring

Canadians love their bargains, something that’s become even more apparent with the number of international variety retailers that have their targets set on the country.

Following recent openings of asian variety retailers like MINISO, Mumuso, Ximivogue, and Oomomo, which all focus on providing shoppers with affordable lifestyle products, another Chinese retailer has announced that it will be opening stores in Canada.

YOYOSO has plans to open its first Canadian location this spring.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, YOYOSO carries products in eight different categories: health, beauty, fashion, stationary, gifts, imported food, seasonal products, and home accessories.

According to Retail Insider, the company stocks 5000 products at a time and brings in 500 new products each month.

yoyoso canada

The Chinese Variety retailer aims to please value-seeking Canadians.

Like some of the other variety retailers that have landed in Canada, prices are quite affordable. The prices range between $1 and $10 USD.

chinese variety store

While the first YOYOSO Canada storefront is set to open in Regina, the company has plans to open 30 to 40 more stores across the country, depending on how it’s received.

In addition, HEMA, a Dutch value-based variety retailer is also planning on locations within Walmart stores across Canada, with opening dates as early as this year. So, it looks like us Canadians will have our pick of the crop when it comes to affordable offerings.

We’ll keep you updated as YOYOSO Canada news progresses.

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