Shopping For Your Next Car Just Got A Lot More Convenient

Shopping For Your Next Car Just Got A Lot More Convenient

If you’re in the market for a Cadillac vehicle, shopping for one just got a lot more convenient — and futuristic.

Cadillac Live is a new Canadian-exclusive digital experience that changes the way consumers shop luxury.

The Cadillac Live platform is one part personal shopper and one part live interactive digital showroom; it provides real human answers while letting customers shop for vehicles from anywhere.


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Introducing Cadillac Live. A one-on-one personalized shopping experience, from anywhere.

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In an initiative shiny and new to North America, Cadillac has transformed a 10,000-square-foot Toronto film studio into an online showroom.

This is where trained live agents can offer one-on-one conversations across any mobile or desktop device via a one-way video and two-way audio.

The tool provides shoppers with real-time answers to their car-buying questions, along with access to up close and personal views of the 10 vehicles from Cadillac’s 2019 lineup, so they can explore every detail remotely.

From the homepage, shoppers can choose to begin a new session with a live agent, view a pre-recorded session, or book a live session at a later time or date.

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Every live agent is equipped with an iPhone X, Osmo Mobile gimbal, and Bluetooth headset. Associates also access an app interface that allows them to showcase any colour, wheel, and accessory option that piques a customer’s interest.   

These days, it seems nobody has a free second to grocery shop, let alone clock hours in a car dealership.

Now, potential buyers can take a tour of the Cadillac Live showroom from the comfort of their couch (or office) from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. EST.

Once the experience is complete, the shopper has the option to connect with a local Cadillac dealership, so they can book a test drive and take the next steps in their path to purchase.

“Today’s luxury consumers are increasingly time-starved and more discerning than ever,” said Hoss Hassani, managing director of Cadillac Canada. “What if someone offered an experience that combines convenience and accessibility with a high level of personalization? That’s exactly what Cadillac Live is.”

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During off-hours, customers can book a Cadillac Live session at a later time or date. To respond to shoppers who visit the showroom outside of operating hours, Cadillac Live contains product-focused content built around the showroom and its live agents.

Users are able to watch detailed overviews of their desired vehicles from the first-person perspective of a live agent, with hotspot overlays and voiceovers to communicate key style, technology, and performance features.

Cadillac’s immersive approach could easily be adopted by other luxury and retail categories who currently rely on either digital chatbots or the customer’s presence in store.

For example, shopping for skis, bikes, and other pricey sporting equipment would be less tedious if you could get the process started at home in your sweats, perhaps with a glass of wine in hand.

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Shoppers can book their appointments for Cadillac Live at, or they can speak to a Live Agent during the initial hours of operation.

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