How To Make Wellness A Top Priority This Year

How To Make Wellness A Top Priority This Year
Courtesy of WW

With the start of a new year, typically comes new year’s resolutions and “new year, new me” mottos. Thus, if you’ve struggled in sticking to your health resolutions in the past, take this time to revamp your wellness routine to ensure that it’s actually attainable this time around.

Think of the new year as a reset to get your health and wellness on track towards a better you and keep it as a top priority. 

By now, most of us know that diet and exercise aren’t the only factors that play a role in our physical and mental health. It also includes nutrition, activity, mindset, and sleep. 

So, say hello to our secret wellness tool—WW’s PersonalPoints Program. This personalized approach to wellness is definitely one that you need to try out as well. 

We’re totally obsessed with how this program works, and let us tell you, you will be too.

It’s designed to help us learn and retain healthy patterns as well as create a positive mindset, so you’re always set up for success. 

Jake Mossop, a D360 Coach, and Registered Nurse, raves about the program saying, “I love WW’s new PersonalPoints program because it’s individualized to each member and their wellness journey. While other weight loss and wellness programs take a one-size-fits-all approach, WW knows that every body and every story is unique. As a Registered Nurse, I appreciate that the PersonalPoints program is backed by a team of behavioural and nutrition scientists that have vigorously tested and created a program that is sustainable and realistic.”

Plus, your plan is totally personalized. From your nutrition to fitness goals, to healthy habit tips, each aspect is built just for you.

It’s basically like having a nutritionist and personal trainer right in your back pocket.

Our fave part? The PersonalizedPoints Program doesn’t interrupt your daily life or deprive you of foods that you love the most. It’s the total opposite of a dreaded crash diet because no food is off the menu. 

Without taking away the food that we crave the most, it makes sticking to our wellness and health goals that much easier.  

Mossop also shares his favourite feature on the program, “Not only is the program tailored to you and the foods you love, but you can also add Points to your day, by engaging in healthy behaviours, like drinking 1.75L of water or being active. As someone who spends their fair share of time in the gym, it’s a great way for me to add Points to my day – so that I can enjoy even more of the foods I love. On PersonalPoints, I also have my own customized list of ZeroPoint foods that don’t go toward my daily Points. That means I can enjoy my avocados, eggs and so much more without having to think twice or track it in the app. The beauty of WW and the PersonalPoints program is that it’s NOT restrictive – no food is off-limits. That’s why so many have success – like me!

We are so excited to take on 2022 by storm and really keep our wellness in check all year long!

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