I Tried Thrifting Spring 2023 Fashion Trends – Here’s How It Went

I Tried Thrifting Spring 2023 Fashion Trends - Here’s How It Went

Spring is quickly approaching, and we all know what that means. It’s almost time for the closet switchover from winter to spring. Goodbye heavy knits and puffer coats, hello rain jackets and breathable tops! Every year around this time, I like to do some thrifting before I hit the mall in an attempt to replenish my spring wardrobe. I always thrift first, and if all else fails I can do the rest of my spring shopping elsewhere. 

First up, I found a navy-check rain jacket. It was super lightweight and I loved that it had a waistband to cinch it in a bit. Everyone needs a rain jacket come springtime, and this one was such a cute find!

Next, you can’t really tell in the picture, but I promise this is a sheer top! I’m almost positive you’ve heard by now, sheer is going to remain to be a huge trend this year. I think this particular one would be cute styled with a pair of great-fitting jeans.

I never leave the thrift without checking the men’s section first. Cargo pants are another major trend this year and the men’s section is the best place to find them while thrifting! These ones were definitely not my size, but I still wanted to showcase them to show that you can find precious cargo (lol) at the thrift.

You may just need to use your imagination for this one, okay? Cinched and tailored blazers were seen all over fashion week, so naturally, I was on a hunt for one at the thrift. I’ll admit, this one wasn’t totally the vibe I was going for, however, I did like its synching details. I could just do without those particular lapels.

I so wish this piece was my size. Metallics are another big spring trend this year and this jacket is serving! I loved the side-detailing, too.

You have to check your local thrift store before buying a new long skirt from anywhere else. Long skirts have been going in and out of style for a long time, so of course some have been donated along the way. This one doesn’t look so great just on the hanger, but I can totally picture it being styled super trendy and cute.

Lastly, I had to check out the shoes. I’ve been seeing a ton of pointed heels poking out of long pants, so I thought the shoes to the right would be perfect for achieving that look. The shoes to the left are a silver-lovers dream. We all know by know that silver is super in and isn’t going away anytime soon.

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