I Updated My Bathroom At Dollarama For $50 – Here’s How It Went

I don’t know about you, but quite honestly, my bathroom was the one room in my apartment that I put the least effort into decorating. I have a pretty small bathroom and I didn’t really know what to do with it. Recently, I’ve been revamping my apartment and I’ve been constantly stalking decor Instagram pages and Pinterest boards. When I started living in an apartment and not in my childhood home, I quickly realized how expensive the little things are, so anything I can save money on, I do which is why I hit up dollarama for my bathroom update.

Of course, the dollar store isn’t the best for the more substantial type of updates – which you’ll see as you keep reading, but, it is a great place to find little accents that have the power to change the whole appearance! To update my bathroom, my goal was to make it more sleek and put-together looking, and quite frankly, a little less boring. 

The Plan: Spend just $50 at dollarama to update my bathroom.


This is my sink portion of the bathroom before I updated it with my dollar store finds. Pretty blah if you ask me. I even have my face wash and other essentials sitting in a box-lid from a purchase made ages ago.

Although we all love a good recycling moment, this set up just wasn’t working for me anymore.


While I was at the dollar store I didn’t have too many ideas in mind. I just knew I wanted to snag some cute decor pieces, as well as some things that would be good for storage. I came across these really pretty glass jars that I thought would be perfect for cotton swabs and cotton pads, so I bought two of them. 

Nothing freshens up a bathroom like some new hand towels so of course I had to pick up some. The dollar store is great for grabbing white washcloths and hand towels in particular because you won’t be afraid of actually using them. Plus, if you happen to accidentally stain one, they’re super cheap to replace.


I updated my sink area by first by switching out the hand towel I had with the white ones from the dollar store. I stacked two on top of each other to give it have more volume and look more expensive.

I also bought a plain white soap dispenser and decanted my favourite soap into it, just to give it a more sleek look. Then, I transferred the tray that had my soap in it to now hold my essentials that were in the box-lid. Still with me? I kept my toothbrushes in a glass but I switched it to a dark blue glass for a cute pop of colour.

While all of this definitely helped, what I think really vamped up this area were the decorative flowers. 


When I saw this jar with the rope around it, I instantly put it in my cart. Even though I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use it for, I knew I needed it! I ended up putting fake flowers in it, which I also grabbed while I was there. 

I ended up adding some white pebbles and fake white flowers, all bought while I was there. I tested out a few different options for fake flowers from what they had, and I settled with the white ones because they gave my space the clean and simple vibe I was looking for.

While I was in the fake flower section I noticed these cute tiny succulents and I had to grab one because it perfectly matched my DIY project!

Like I said before, my bathroom is small, so there isn’t a lot to work with but I added a basket to hold toilet paper rolls and a scented candle. Then I put a square candle, one in black and one in white, on either side of the basket, just for some added flare. I also switched out my old bath mat for a plain white one that I snagged from the dollar store that’s super soft and the works perfectly.


Although most of the things I bought were a success, I did have a fail.

A problem with my bathroom is that I have pretty much no shelf space. So, when I saw this cute shelf-set at the dollar store, I had to grab it. I knew this could be an iffy situation, but I tried to give it a go anyway. Basically, long story short, I got one into my wall but I couldn’t get it to stay straight at all. It was kind of just hanging there, unable to hold anything so I gave up and now I have multiple holes in the wall.

So, the shelving unit will have to be a project for another day, and maybe not from the dollar store. 


Last but not least, I had to grab some storage essentials while I was at the dollar store! In case you’re unaware, the dollar store is the perfect place to find some organizational items. I bought two white baskets to keep under my sink to help organize the mess of my way-too-many essentials. 

Overall, I would recommend the dollar store for decor and storage items, but keep in mind you may be better off buying certain things, like shelving units, elsewhere.

Here is the sink portion of my bathroom after the update!


Quite honestly, this little challenge made me wonder why it took me so long to buy these items in the first place — It was so easy and cost no more than $50!

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