Jason Priestley Gets Candid Over Breakfast

Jason Priestley Gets Candid Over Breakfast

Jason Priestley gives back to the community, is serious about his fibre intake, cringes at the thought of ’90s fashion resurfacing, and knew 90210 had become a hit when Luke Perry had to be smuggled out of a shopping mall in a laundry hamper.

Homegrown actor and director Priestley (a.k.a. forever Brandon Walsh in the hearts of those of us old enough to remember, thank you) hit Toronto’s Broadview Hotel for breakfast last week to support Mott’s FruitsationsBuy A Cup Give a Cup campaign in partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada (BCC). The BCC works to ensure that children across the country have access to a healthy breakfast – something many may take for granted.

From now until March 31, 2020, Mott’s Fruitsations will donate one cup of apple sauce for every cup purchased (up to 500,000 cups) to help Canadian children start their days with a nutritious breakfast.

“It’s important to me because I’m a parent and I know how important it is for my kids to have breakfast in the morning,” said Priestley in a post-breakfast interview.

“So, when I heard that one in four kids here in Canada have a problems having access to healthy food in the morning, I felt like getting the word out about the Buy a Cup Give a Cup program was the right thing to do. It’s such an easy way for Canadians to give to this program and to give to the Breakfast Club of Canada.”

– Jason Priestly

Apparently, Priestley is a fan of the apple sauce himself. “Being over 50 now – I mean, barely over 50 (laughs) – I have to worry about fibre now, and they have this new Mango Peach flavour that has added fibre,” says Priestley, when asked of his favourite Mott’s Fruitsations flavour. “I don’t know how they add the fibre to it, but it has added fibre. Apparently, I have to worry about that now, so that’s my favourite flavour.”

While hearing that your childhood crush (well, one of them; can anyone really decide between sweet Brandon and bad boy Dylan?) is 50 isn’t exactly the easiest pill to swallow, the reality is that Priestley hasn’t changed all too much appearance-wise from his teen heartthrob days.

Speaking of his West Beverly Hills High School era, Priestley says he was able to avoid the pitfall of a downward spiral that can accompany fame at a young age thanks to his work ethic.

“That was really what my parents instilled on me,” said Priestley. “I came from a very blue-collar family and your self-worth was really tied into your work ethic, and so I just worked very hard to remain focused and work hard, so that didn’t leave me a lot of time to get in trouble.” Refreshing.

So, what else did we learn about Priestley? He has a soft spot for the ocean (one of the best parts about his hometown Vancouver, he says), loves Toronto’s multiculturalism and its Caribbean food, and his daughter likes to watch old episodes of 90210 – and laugh at him. As for his favourite episode of 90210? “The simple answer to that is “Donna Martin Graduates,” said Priestley.

Check out a part of our interview with Jason Priestly below.

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