8 Spring Shoe Trends To Have On Your Radar

8 Spring Shoe Trends To Have On Your Radar

The spring shoe season is a fun one. You can still get away with wearing boots if you want, but it’s also very much acceptable to wear flats and even sandals if the weather permits. It’s one of the most versatile times of the year when it comes to footwear! That being said – there are some top shoe trends that will dominate during the 2023 spring season, and may we say, we’re super stoked to start seeing them on the streets! We’ve rounded up some of the most prominent footwear trends to help get your shoe rack ready for spring!

Ballet Flats

You have yet to see the end of the ballet flats shoe trend! This spring ballet flats are going to be amongst some of the most-worn shoes, in all kinds of variations. In our opinion – the more they look like actual pointe shoes, the better. 

Mary Janes

From heels to flats, we’ll be seeing a ton of Mary Jane shoes this season. Mary Janes are essentially low-cut shoes with a strap (or straps) towards the top.  A shoe that was once most commonly worn by children, has been reinvented in a variety of styles from girly to grunge. Not to mention, they’re perfect for transitioning into spring, as there is still some coverage and can be layered with socks, too!


Loafers are another shoe that is here to stay for spring. They’re versatile shoes to style, great for going to work but also can be styled-up chic for the weekend. They also come in a variety of styles ranging from sleek and classic to chunky and modern. They definitely give off an academia/old-money vibe that can be super fun to play into! 


If you just got war flashbacks to back when wedges were popular in the past, don’t stress too hard. The thing about fashion and style is that trends always come back, and when they do, there’s always a modern twist. It’s true – wedges are back, but in a chicer way than ever before. 

Pointed Toes

Although we aren’t saying goodbye completely to square-toed – it’s time to say hello again to pointed-toe shoes! All over the recent fashion weeks, we saw pointed-toe pumps everywhere we looked. As much as these shoes tend to be a little less cozy than round or square toes, you can’t deny they’re a whole lot more flattering! Pointed pumps will seemingly be the shoe of choice for fancier outings and events.


Just as appliques, jewels, studs, and other “decorations” have been being spotted more and more within the fashion world recently, we’re about to see a surge of that make its way to shoes and accessories too! This particular trend would even be great to attempt DIY-ing for your own personal twist. 

Sporty Sneakers

Sneakers always make a comeback come springtime, and although classic white sneakers never really go out of style, this spring it’s all about sporty sneakers or as some call them – “dad” sneakers. Not only is this shoe trend super comfortable, but it also goes with pretty much any outfit. 

Comfort First

As all of the above shoe trends have a time and place to shine, comfort will trump all when it comes down to day-to-day wear. People are stepping outside more as the weather gets nicer, and are traditionally on their feet for longer periods of time. And who wants to compromise their comfort? We’ll see a comfort-first approach with a lot of shoe designs that are lightweight, supportive, functional, etc.

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