Stay Active In Toronto This Winter At These Places

Stay Active In Toronto This Winter At These Places

As the weather gets colder, the will to actually go outside and be active decreases just as fast as the temperature does. You can still be active in the winter, it just requires a little extra discipline and a few go-to (preferably indoor) places to get your sweat on. It’s not just about staying fit, it’s about creating healthy habits, both mentally and physically so we can exit the colder months as the best version of ourselves! Toronto is the home of plenty of cool exercise classes and fitness studios to help you stay active during the treacherous cold months this year!

Stay active this winter at these 7 places!

Barry’s Canada

Get your sweat on at Barry’s Yorkville or Barry’s Richmond! Once you enter Barry’s infamous “Red Room”, you can expect a strength and cardio interval fitness experience that is both effective and fun. You can opt for class packages or you can sign-up for 30-day memberships.

Sky Zone

Who says trampoline parks are reserved just for children to have fun? Grab a friend and head over to Sky Zone trampoline park to jump around, shoot some hoops, and get your heart rate up!

United Boxing Club

Exercise your body and your mind at United Boxing Club! It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out with no experience, as they have classes for all levels of experience from technical to fitness boxing. You can choose to buy class passes or a monthly membership.


Over the years F45 has been gaining immense popularity. If you’re looking for a “quick”, effective workout – this might be the class for you! The ‘F’ stands for Functional training, the class includes a mix of circuit and HIIT-style workouts geared towards everyday movement. 45 stands for is for the length of the workout, and there you have it. F45.

Boulderz Centre

Head over to Boulderz Centre on your next day off and climb away! Indoor rock climbing has to be one of the most fun ways to stay active during the colder months! They offer both roped climbing and bouldering for all experience levels.

The Pink Studio

Get your dance on at The Pink Studio! The classes are geared for beginners to intermediate level and all shapes and sizes are welcome! They offer various different dance class types including Zumba, Contemporary, Barre, Hip Hop, and more. Some classes are in the studio and some are even offered online.

Sweat and Tonic

Just as much as we need to stay active throughout the winter, we need to be social! During the colder months, it can get all too easy to be a bit of a hermit. Enter Sweat and Tonic! Break out of a boring workout routine and enjoy a drink after you exercise at Sweat and Tonic’s bar, cafe, or in one of their lounge spaces!

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