6 Wellness Treatments To Keep Seasonal Depression At Bay

6 Wellness Treatments To Keep Seasonal Depression At Bay

The greyest month of the year is officially here and that means it is time to up our self-care game for winter. Don’t just stock up on vitamins and buy a therapy lamp — fill your calendar with some quality time at one of our city’s top wellness spaces. If you suffer from the winter blues or SAD, you know that an integrated approach to addressing your symptoms is really way to go. Treat your mind, body, and spirit to keep the blues at bay with one of these wellness treatments. 

IV Therapy at Lemon Water Wellness

wellness treatments for seasonal deprewssion

Instead of mainlining espresso on those dark, grey days, restore your body’s natural energy by quite literally hooking essential vitamins to your veins. How it works is, you meet with a naturopathic doctor to decide on your nutrient cocktail (which may include Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B Complex, Amino acids, etc.) then lounge for 20 – 120 minutes as you get boosted. Expect to feel more or less instantly energized. IV therapy is used to treat stress and anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and chronic fatigue, and other symptoms associated with seasonal depression. 

Power 30 Hydro Float and Massage at H20 Float Spa

wellness treatments for seasonal deprewssion

This float and massage offering takes all the wellness benefits of floatation therapy and massage therapy, and packs them both into a super efficient package. Slot in one of these 30 minute, mid-week appointments, and get a 15 minute session with an RMT, then a float in an open tub or closed pod in 1000+ lbs of Epsom salts fo the remainder of time. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when you just want to get into bed but it’s Monday and you’re giving a presentation in the afternoon. 

Infrared Sauna at Hoame 

wellness treatments for seasonal deprewssion
Hoame Toronto

How is an infrared sauna different from a regular sauna? They use infrared panels to emit light, which we experience as heat, but a type of heat that can penetrate the skin more deeply than warmed air. Proponents say we experience a more intense, detoxifying sweat at a lower temperature, as well as improved circulation and muscle relaxation. Hoame’s infrared sauna comes with accompanying mood lighting (chromotherapy) and the option to play soothing music while your body gets a hit of dopamine. An hour in here will help you really release the stress of the week.

Salt Cave Halotherapy at Sante Healing Spas

wellness treatments for seasonal deprewssion
Facebook/Sante Healing Spa & Salt Cave

This 400 square foot salt cave at Sante Healing Spa in Thornhill was designed to mimic the atmosphere of Polish underground salt mines, where the idea of Halotherapy (or salt therapy) originated. What’s it all about? Thanks to salt’s proven drying effects, hanging out in a salt cave for an hour or so can help with respiratory conditions and mucus build up, so you can breathe easier and fend off sickness. The effect is said to be similar to how energized you feel after spending time near an ocean – the theory goes that one hour in a salt cave is said to equal about a day at the beach.

Reiki at Sauls Beauty Shop

wellness treatments for seasonal deprewssion

If you’re into the idea of balancing your chakras, reiki is one way to get feeling good from the inside out this winter. Reiki is a form of energy healing that has its roots in Japan. In an hour-long session at Saul’s Beauty Shop, a practitioner will send reiki energy (which translates to pure life force energy), to each of the body’s energy centres – or, chakras, which can restore balance in your mental, emotional, and physical body. Fans of reiki report stress reduction and calming of the nervous system after treatment.

Hydrotherapy at Body Blitz Spa

wellness treatments for seasonal deprewssion

From the warm dead sea salt pool and the cold plunge pool, to the hot epsom salt pool and beyond, the therapeutic waters circuit at Body Blitz offers a complete, whole body, and mind boost. Working this routine into your week can help to increase circulation of blood and the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity, so you can stay feeling on your game. 

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