5 Influencer-Owned Fashion Brands To Have On Your Radar

5 Influencer-Owned Fashion Brands To Have On Your Radar

Who better to shop clothing from than the ones we get our fashion inspiration from? When you think about it, influencers become successful based on the trust we have in their taste and recommendations, because they know what they’re talking about within their niche! Not to mention, the nature of being a fashion influencer, is inherently testing out a lot of different clothing. Perfectly preparing them to know exactly what they value in any garment – making them experts in their craft by way of experience. So it totally makes sense that some influencers have taken their career to the next level by creating their very own brands and labels and it’s no surprise to us the success these fashion brands have reached!

Keep reading to check out some notable influencer-owned fashion brands!

Uncle Studios

Uncle Studios was co-founded by Toronto fashion influencer Allegra Shaw in 2017. The brand started with the vision to create the perfect t-shirt. Some time has passed since then and now Uncle Studios has a selection of timeless, foundational pieces that can be styled in a multitude of ways. Not to mention its branding is unsurprisingly superb. Not only can you shop Uncle Studios through its website, but it’s now available in-store and online at Holt Renfrew, so you now have the opportunity to try on select pieces. 

Rouje Paris

Paris It-girl Jeanna Damas founded Rouje Paris in 2016 ultimately inspired by the women whose lives she marveled at as a child. Rouje is the Parisian-style lover’s dream and provides everything we could want in both beauty and fashion, to become our very own self-established Parisian It-girls. Rouge was first and foremost inspired by women, and it translates within its pieces. “I like the idea that when a woman is wearing Rouje, we notice her first, then what she’s wearing.” – Jeanne Damas. 

Song of Style

One of the fashion blog OG’s is none other than Aimee Song, who took what started as a passion project and eventually turned it into a fashion line, Song of Style with Revolve. While shopping the Song of Style brand on Revolve, you can expect to find an array of elevated basics with playful details of colour combinations and textures. 

Something Navy

Something Navy, founded by fashion-blogger Arielle Charnas has evolved from a style blog to a fashion, lifestyle, and media brand. Something Navy aims to celebrate personal style by creating thoughtful designs with real women in mind. While shopping the brand, you can expect to find pieces that reflect Arielle’s personal style and aesthetic, offering timeless staples, statement accessories, and trendy pieces. 

Are You Am I

Are You Am I is one of those labels, that you may not even know was founded by an influencer since it has such a large brand presence on its own! However, it is fashion blogger Rumi Neely behind the creation of Are You Am I. This influencer brand has a collection of individual pieces that stand alone instead of releasing full collections. The pieces have an overall feeling of romance and femininity. 

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