Our Favourite Tech Products for 2018

If you didn’t get exactly what you wanted for the holidays or you are looking for somewhere to spend grandma’s Christmas gift money may we suggest some of the most useful and fun tech on the market right now. 
Our Favourite Tech Products for 2018

The holidays are officially over which means it’s okay to return some of your gifts and get something you really want. We all love cool tech products and some of the best gadgets on the market don’t simply entertain but can enrich your life as well.  If you didn’t get exactly what you wanted for the holidays or you are looking for somewhere to spend grandma’s Christmas gift money, may we suggest some of the most useful and fun technology on the market right now?

1.Home Assistants 

Google Home and the Amazon Echo were some of the best selling home tech devices of 2017. Home assistants will continue to strive in popularity as their prices come down and third-party companies create products to be used in conjunction with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

2.Dash Cams 

According to Google, Canadians are searching for dash cams at a fairly high volume. Dash cam purchases are expected to rise significantly in 2018. While Google will tell you that products are trending,  it doesn’t  give that much insight into why Canadians are looking to add dashcams to their vehicles in 2018. Whether it’s to catch the next wild viral video in downtown Toronto or to protect yourself in case of an accident or crime, dash cams can be very useful.

3. Digital Home Security 

Personalized home security products were searched for at a high level by Canadians in 2017 and are predicted to trend upwards in 2018.  Wifi enabled cameras that connect to your phone, digital door openers and doorbells were popular in 2017 and we think will continue to be big sellers in 2018.

4. Stand Alone Alarm Clocks 

With sleep being a consistent sore point for many Canadians, consumers are starting to realize that having their cell phones next to them in bed causes sleep issues. Experts suggest going old-school and reverting back to a standard alarm clock. Lucky for you, alarm clocks have never been designed better. Wood grain and minimalist design cues make these new alarm clocks are a must have.

5. Soundbars

Whether you want immersive sound for gaming on your laptop, or watching Netflix on your TV soundbars make a great addition to any entertainment system.

6. Robot Vacuums

When the Roomba first came it out, it was kind of gimmicky and very expensive.  Now Roomba are some of the best robotic vacuums on the market and its competitors are almost just as good. If you don’t want to shell out $600+ on a Roomba, you can find comparative robotic vacuums that get the job done just as well and looks good to boot.

7.  Wireless Ear Buds 

Have cords been holding you back your entire life? The hottest trend in headphones is wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds give you the freedom to be cordless which is a major plus especially if you own the iPhone X.   While Air Pods are very expensive their are several cheaper options that get the job done.


Are we missing any tech products you love?

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