6 Self-Care Essentials Worth Splurging On In The New Year

6 Self-Care Essentials Worth Splurging On In The New Year
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No matter who you are, if you want to live your best life, there’s just no way around taking proper care of yourself.

If you’re not eating well, sleeping well, and moving regularly, then it’s likely all you can do to make it through your daily task list, let alone achieve the more lofty goals and dreams on the horizon.

Investing in your mental, physical, and emotional well-being is the worthiest investment you can make. Make 2020 the year you do it — for real this time.

Here are a few self-care essentials that are totally worth the splurge. 

Meditation instruction 

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If you, like many of us, spend more than a few hours online every day, giving your brain a break is so necessary. Necessary, but not necessarily easy. There’s a reason that new meditation studios have created so much buzz in the city this past year — there really is a need for them. Sitting on a cushion alone in your apartment and trying to keep your mind clear for more than a few minutes is not easy — mindfulness is a skill. It takes time to master, and having a teacher is key. Get you to a mediation and let a pro show you how it’s done. Make frequenting a studio like Hoame one of your self-care essentials this coming year, and take control of your mindset. 

A membership to a gym or movement classes

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Moving regularly is a key part of being able to manage stress, get a proper night’s sleep, and overall, keep your mood up. Working out can be dangerously easy to put off though, especially in the winter, and if you don’t have a gym membership or some kind of plan to move your bod, chances are, getting your heart rate up in a day just won’t happen. Set yourself up for success — get a gym membership, a ClassPass, or a membership to a yoga studio, a proper pair of runners, and a well stocked playlist. Getting your endorphins flowing and making fitness one of your self-care essentials will make you feel ready to take on the world. 

Fresh, real food, when you need it

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Food is an important part of self-care essentials, and if you give your body sub-par fuel, you can’t expect it to run at its optimal level, right? Make proper nutrition a no-brainer by signing up for a food box subscription service like Chef’s Plate or Blue Apron so you can get all the ingredients in and whip up a proper homemade meal quickly and easily. Or, save time walking the aisles of the grocery store by making use of these grocery delivery services. Whether you want local, organic, or straight up mainstream grocery items, there’s a service that’ll let you stock your fridge and cupboard with a couple clicks. 

The tools for a guaranteed good night’s sleep

During deep sleep is the chance for our body to restore — this is when blood supply to the muscles increases, tissue growth and repair occurs, and hormones essential for our development are released. Sleep is maybe the most important part of being able to take on the day. What makes for a good night’s sleep is different for everyone, but taking the time to find the key conditions that lull you into that deep sleep is so worth it. Here are nine sleep-supporting products to try if you want to get the best sleep ever in 2020. 

Clean skincare

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The skin is the largest organ in the body and its job is to protect us, but it’s also super absorbent — what we use on our skin ends up inside our bodies. Take care of your body from the outside in and treat it to toxin-free, green, clean skincare products. The ritual of a skincare routine isn’t just necessary but also, calming and grounding. Don’t neglect this integral part of your self-care. 


shanti retreat

Giving ourselves the gift of repose from our daily routine every once in a while is a need, not a want. If you’re not scheduling time in your calendar to remove yourself from the screen, devoting some time to do whatever you want and reinvigorating your perspective, you’re heading swiftly to rutsville. A retreat doesn’t always have to be a spurge — it can be a day trip or even an afternoon of unplugging. Though, for the times you do want to treat yourself, book some time at one of these sumptuous wellness retreat centres near Toronto. Something luxurious to look forward to can make the process of working toward your goals feel so much more rewarding. 

There’s no right or wrong way to care for yourself — there’s only your right way. Try these self-care essentials on for size, make room for experimentation, and get your personal toolkit down pat. You will not regret it.

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