7 Affordable Places To Shop For Clothes In Toronto

Don’t have a huge budget? Don’t worry! We’ve rounded up some affordable places to shop for clothes in Toronto. No matter your taste, there’s a store on this list for you!

Living in a city like Toronto ain’t cheap, but that shouldn’t stop you from living your best life and having an Insta-ready wardrobe.

Affordable clothing isn’t hard to find if you know where to look. Take a gander at the places and stores below, and you’ll still have enough money left over to pay your bills!

Being young, broke, and fabulous isn’t so difficult when you can pop over to Chinatown for some cheap basics, scour Winners or Marshalls for the best deals, or check in with your favourite fast fashion retailers.

Take a look at 7 cheap places to shop for clothes in Toronto below, and hit the refresh button on your wardrobe.


shop for clothes in toronto

Chinatown is almost like stepping into a different world with its hodgepodge of random clothing shops and restaurants. Here is where you’ll find the best prices on many wardrobe basics like tees, sweatshirts, leggings and sunglasses. Make sure to take time to sift through the many bargain racks lining Spadina avenue. But take note: you won’t find very many trend items here — just basics galore. Where else in Toronto can you get five t-shirts for $10?

Black Market Clothing

shop for clothes in toronto

Black Market Clothing is one of Toronto’s longest standing vintage and clothing shops, specializing in vintages tees and casual clothing. You never know what you’re going to find here, but new or vintage band tees are almost always a guarantee, as well as the $10 price tag — not much is priced higher than that. Even walking in with a $100 budget will get you far at Black Market Clothing.

Kensington Market

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Kensington Market is a mixture of Chinatown and Black Market Clothing, on a larger scale! There are a ton of vintage shops, as well as stores selling an array of random basics like tees, harem pants and sunglasses. But unlike Chinatown, you can definitely find trendy items here, especially vintage denim and jewelry. Next time you’re in Kensington Market take a stroll down Kensington avenue and hit up stores like Courage My Love, Bubble Gum Fashion and Sub Rosa Vintage.

Consignment Stores

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Along with vintage, Toronto also has a number of consignment stores — whether you’re looking for more affordable secondhand clothing or designer labels. VSP on Dundas, as well as Fashionably Yours and Consign Toronto, both on Queen St. West, have some of the best prices on second-hand designer clothing. Otherwise, if you’re just looking to strike a deal on lightly used contemporary and vintage items, head over to Common Sort.

Winners and Marshalls

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Obviously, a list of places to buy affordable clothing in Toronto, wouldn’t be complete without including Winners and Marshalls stores. The off-price retailer specializes in giving you the best deals on contemporary labels with many clearance items starting at only $20 or less. And what we love most about Winners and Marshalls is the massive selection! Being a department store, there’s always a crazy amount of clothes to choose from. Try the location Winners location at College Park if you’re looking for a true designer steal. 

Fast Fashion Retailers

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If you’re looking for off the runway trends, then fast fashion retailers like Zara, Forever 21 and H&M are your best bet. You can always find the latest fads at these stores for a fraction of the price of their designer inspirations. On the contrary, if you’re in the market for basics and affordable office attire, try Uniqlo or Joe Fresh for budget-friendly button ups, shift dresses, blazers, and dress pants. You won’t find a better price point on silk or cotton materials.

Nordstrom Rack

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Nordstrom Rack is giving Winners and Marshalls a run for their money, being one of the city’s favourite off-price department store to enter the Canadian market. You can expect to find all the contemporary and designer labels that Nordstrom is known for, but with some hefty markdowns. While you may not be getting the same bargains you’ll find in Chinatown or Kensington Market, the real win here are the affordable designer labels — in other words, you get such good value! 

Featured image: Instagram/@shsse_kze