Running Clubs To Join This Fall

Running Clubs To Join This Fall

Love running, but not so crazy about doing it alone? Get you a running club. Whether you’re seeking motivation to get active outdoors, or you’re training for a specific goal, there’s a club in the city to meet your needs. From the east to the west end, the following clubs gather rain or shine, year-round, and welcome runners of all types of levels and abilities. Cue up your alarm. It’s time to get back in the habit. 

Here are a few of the top running clubs to join this fall in Toronto.

Longboat Roadrunners  

Longboat Runners is one of the GTAs oldest clubs, which has roots that extend back to 1980. All running levels are welcome, but being able to run at least 10km continuously is recommended. Tailored coaching is on offer for members, as well as a group dynamic that makes each member a better, faster, smarter runner. Commit to beating your personal best and get your membership for $60. Students and seniors get a half-off reduced rate.

Running Rats Running Club  

The goal is to have fun and stay active, with Running Rats, an inclusive club founded in 2022 that welcomes runners of all levels. As long as you can complete the recommended 7km comfortably, you’ll fit right in. Runs happen every Tuesday, year-round, and range from 7km to 10km and 13km routes in the downtown core. Newbies can join the crew for their first run at their meet point, TD Centre Plaza near Wellington and York Streets, at 6:15 AM any Tuesday. It’s free to join. 

Parkdale Roadrunners   

Since 2010, this crew has been running every Tuesday, rain or shine, at 7:00 p.m., starting in Parkdale. Runs are hosted in two distances every week, 7-10km and 4-6km. Runners of all abilities are welcome, and there are always designated runners leading the back of the group, and front, for each route. Routes get posted every Monday evening to their online Strava page. The group is free to join – just show up and introduce yourself. 


If you need a little more than the prospect of a cool glass of water to pull you through a run, RunTOBeer is the club for you. Join for a 3-10 km run that ends in a (free) beer at a partner brewery or bar. Runs are free, and take off from various locations downtown. The only goal here is to enjoy a brew post-run, no matter when you get there. Runs are posted on their site and registration is done through Eventbrite for each event.

High Park Rogue Runners  

Every Wednesday and Friday runs take off at 6:30 p.m., and Sunday morning at 8:30 Runs range from 6-12km and 16-32km. No pre-registration is required, drop-ins are welcome, and it’s totally free. Just meet at the North High Park gates (Bloor & High Park Ave). As long as you can run a continuous 6km, you’re ready to run with this crew. 

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