10 Stores To Shop When Forever 21 Closes Its Doors For Good

Oh, the disappointment! After finally being granted the Forever 21 you’d been wishing for in your local mall, it’s closed in a matter of months. On the bright side, there’s more than a few stores you can shop at that offer similar styles at similar price points when it comes time to break up with your favourite, millennial fast fashion house.

The restructuring of the Forever 21 mecca came with the company’s decision to file for bankruptcy in both the U.S. and Canada in late September. Following the bankruptcy claim, all operations in Canada had been ceased and in total, 44 stores are now shuttering across the country. Look at it this way: there’s no unhappy ending to this story. You might be spending a few dollars more here or there at some of the shops listed below, but it’ll be worth every penny. Great quality, better processes, inclusive size ranges, sustainable materials, unisex designs – need I say more? 

Here are 10 stores to shop when Forever 21 closes its doors for good.


stores to shop when forver 21 closes

One plus of shopping on a consumer-to-consumer site like eBay is having a better chance of finding items you wouldn’t in a regular store. From vintage and curated designer collections at reduced prices, to brand new styles from stores you love, there’s the added benefit of being able to bid on auctioned items too. Plus, you can start shopping at literally $1!


stores to shop when forver 21 closes

What can’t you find on Amazon that you can find at Forever 21? Absolutely nothing. There’s hundreds upon thousands of brands to shop from in the clothing and accessories categories on the world’s largest online retailer – all at a fraction of the regular price. You no longer have to worry about being distracted by the annoyingly cute, pastel-coloured cash-grabbers in the checkout line at Forever 21, because makeup sponges on Amazon start as low as $0.09, if you can believe it.


stores to shop when forver 21 closes

While H&M carries plenty of trendy styles you’d likely see in Forever 21 outside of its workwear and basics sections, the retailer also offers a range of sustainable clothing items from its Conscious Collection. And no, these pieces won’t cost you a ton more, in fact the quality-made basics from the Conscious Collection start at just $6.99.


stores to shop when forver 21 closes

If you’re reading this and you own a fashion item from Forever 21, then you might find relief in knowing that Everlane’s clothes are sustainable and made to last. The brand’s dedication to “Radical Transparency” and keeping ethical factories make you feel that much better about wearing its designs – which feel amazing without even considering its processes. Vintage-inspired cotton henleys and warm waffle knits perfect for fall and winter weather start as low as $37.  


stores to shop when forver 21 closes

With 5,000 boutiques in 2,000 cities and 30 countries, Shoptiques is an ideal online shopping destination for those who love to hunt through a handpicked selection of unique styles from small brands and businesses across the world. If you want something that no one else has but don’t want to look through three dozen racks to find it, Shoptiques is a good place to start looking. Not only for brands that are miles and miles away, but for those with an eco-friendly focus as well. Office-appropriate blouses start at $45.   


stores to shop when forver 21 closes

Thankfully, there’s brands like Reformation that are attempting to design and produce trendy yet timeless pieces that don’t perpetuate the fast fashion cycle. Using beautiful deadstock fabrics alongside recycled linen, cashmere, and organic cotton, Reformation creates clothing that’s in every way elegant as it is reflective of past and present trends. Real vintage tees start at $44.     

Free People

stores to shop when forver 21 closes

If you buried yourself in the racks of vintage-inspired frills and florals, crochet halters, rocker-chic tees, and (maybe sometimes) faux fur at Forever 21, then Free People is your new best friend. A combination of handmade and specially bought clothing items, beauty, and wellness products that are perfectly suited to the boho-city girl is what you’ll find on its site, and the perfect mini-slip dress starts at just $39.30.   

Urban Outfitters

stores to shop when forver 21 closes

Urban Outfitters is the brand of the VSCO-Girl and the streetwear fiend with an added touch of boho. From Champion to Calvin Klein, Urban Outfitters supplies the trendiest fashions to city folks everywhere. You can grab a cozy winter-essential wide-knit beanie for just $18.00.


stores to shop when forver 21 closes

With a modern, minimalist approach to every day necessities, Oak + Fort has successfully reimagined what “basic” really means when it comes to clothing. Its unisex range encompasses the beauty of simplicity, and with a new capsule collection of hoodies and sweatshirts made from recycled materials and fabrics, it just got better. Sweatshirts at OAK + FORT are currently on sale for just $30.

Frank And Oak

stores to shop when forver 21 closes

Frank And Oak is a Certified B Corporation, meaning it meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability in the apparel industry. For what started as a small Canadian company harnessed around producing quality essentials, Frank And Oak continues to impress with its commitment to shaping an environmentally conscious world. You can shop the brands selection of organic and recycled tees starting at $34.50.  

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