8 Fall Makeup Trends We’re Loving

8 Fall Makeup Trends We’re Loving

It’s that time of year again! As the air gets cooler, the makeup gets darker. Fall makeup is always just a little more dramatic and experimental than makeup typically worn throughout the warmer seasons. Maybe it’s because it won’t melt and crease as it does on those hot and humid summer days! We’ve noticed this year’s fall makeup trends are leaning towards ‘90 grudge and more editorial vibes, and we’re so here for it! Winged eyeliner, smokey eyes, glitter, and various hues of brown are all among the makeup styles we’ve been seeing a lot of as we enter into fall. 

Smokey Eyes

This is a trend that is giving life to all those who love the ’90s grunge aesthetic. The messy smokey eye is back! The key to achieving this look to perfection is ironically trying not to be too precise. It’s okay to be a little messy! Also, don’t neglect the lower lash line, and blend, blend, blend. 

Heavy Blush

Having flushed cheeks was a makeup style sported throughout summer and will continue into fall with just a bit of a twist. People are replacing their pale pinks with something a little deeper to match the season. We’ve been seeing orange hues, terracotta blushes, and shades of burgundy on the cheeks. Think fall leaves in blush form. 

Inner Corner Eyeliner

We all love a sharp-winged eyeliner, but we’ve been seeing it taken to the next level by dragging that liner into the inner corner. It gives the eyes a fox-like appearance that instantly makes anyone look extra fierce. 

Featherly Lashes 

Drawing a little bit of inspiration from the controversial “spider lashes” is the more subtle feather-like appearance! It’s achieved by using a lengthening mascara without too much-added volume, applied to both the top and bottom lash line. It looks so whimsical!


We love the softness that a makeup look with brown hues gives! With a focus primarily on the eyes, adding various hues of brown shadow and even a brown liner to add some drama without being too harsh. Finish the look with some bronzer, brown-toned blush, and a brown-nude lipstick/gloss and you’re set!

Fun Liner

Liner of any colour placed basically anywhere but the lash line is a makeup trend with an editorial touch that we’ve been seeing everywhere! The trend may require a bit more practice, but is so worth it once you get it right. 


Who doesn’t love a little extra glam from time to time? Whether you’re going to a special event or to the grocery store, we think it’s totally socially acceptable to rock some glitter on the eyelids. Simply dip your finger in some glitter shadow and swipe it over the eyelids without much thought. The less intentional, the better with this trend!

Bleached Brows

This trend may be taking it a step further than makeup goes, but still worth an honourable mention. Bleached brows! You either love them or hate them, regardless, they’re definitely trending. If you try this trend and don’t end up loving it, simply dye them back or colour them in and wait for them to grow out. Sometimes the fun in makeup and beauty is the experimentation! 

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